Defend Local Jobs

The Defend Local Jobs Tour arrives in British Columbia

August 3, 2018

Vancouver, BC – The Honourable Candice Bergen, House Leader for Canada’s Conservatives, and Dean Allison, Shadow Minister for International Trade, will hold meetings in British Columbia on August 7-8, 2019 as part of the Conservatives Defend Local Jobs tour.

Throughout the summer, Canada’s Conservatives have been meeting with workers, businesses and local labour groups across the country to hear their views regarding Canada’s response to the U.S. tariffs.

“The threat of U.S. tariffs has been looming for well over a year and Justin Trudeau has done very little to stand up for Canadian jobs. While he is missing in action, our top priority is to defend the livelihood of those affected by the protectionist policies of the United States,” said Bergen.

To date, meetings have been held across Ontario, Manitoba and New Brunswick. Candice Bergen and Dean Allison will now hold these meetings in a fourth province to hear the perspective of British Columbians.

The visit to BC will include a roundtable discussion with the BC Chamber of Commerce in Vancouver, a meeting with the Independent Contractors and Business Association in Burnaby, a roundtable at Ironside Design Manufacturing in Chilliwack and a meeting with union representatives from CLAC.

“Listening to businesses, workers and all those affected by these tariffs is essential. The best solutions to the challenges we’re facing on trade and tariffs are going to come from the people directly affected, and we are here to assist in any way we can,” concluded Allison.


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