Defend Local Jobs

MPs Raitt, Allison, Hoback, Nater, Clement, and Vecchio host Defend Local Jobs meetings in London

On July 24, Deputy Leader of Canada’s Conservatives, Lisa Raitt joined MPs Dean Allison, John Nater, Tony Clement, and Karen Vecchio at a series of meetings on American steel and aluminum tariffs as part of the cross-country Defend Local Jobs tour.

“With the current state of the NAFTA renegotiations and trade concerns impacting many local businesses, I wanted Londoners to have the opportunity to speak openly with members of the Conservative Caucus who focus their work on these particular issues,” said Vecchio.

The team of Conservative MPs visited companies that are being impacted by the trade challenges. This includes Labatt, a large employer in the region, and local business Lamko Tool and Mold, an award winning company with a long standing history in the community.

Vecchio later stated, “Exports to the United States from London total approximately $13 billion annually and we must work together at all levels of government to weather these trade disputes and find solutions.”

Canada’s Conservatives are committed to protecting local jobs, and will continue to meet with local businesses owners across the country to develop a concrete plan to address American tariffs, and create opportunity for local businesses so they can prosper.

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